About Log Cabin Beads


My name is Christy and I'd like to welcome you to my store, Log Cabin Beads.

25 years ago I was diagnosed with a condition that necessitated wearing a medical alert bracelet.  Initially, I wore the bracelet with the chain which was provided with the medallion, but felt that since I'd be wearing it for the rest of my life, there must be a way to make it more fashionable and unique to my style and personality.

Despite searching for options - I couldn't find anything that suited me...so I decided to make my own!  And so the launch of Log Cabin Beads.

Our bracelets are made with lobster claw style clasps which allow them to be interchangeable with your personal charms, medallions or other identification.

Please shop our online store to select a bracelet that we have already created or message me directly for custom designs or sizing.

I hope that these creations will make you smile when you wear them and serve as a conversation piece when you accessorize with them in your day-to-day wear.


(...and, Yes!  I really do live in a log cabin!)